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Communities and Neighborhoods in Lincoln, NE

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The residents here are often commented on their friendly neighborhood spirit and their active and positive contributions and organization for providing the city with such great entertainment and amusement activities.

Lincoln is home to a variety of neighborhoods and are close to one of Lincoln's 100 parks where you can escape from the busy city air if you choose:
Arnold Heights: This neighborhood is located northwest Lincoln and is also known as Airpark when it started out as a base housing for the Lincoln Air Force Base that was beside it during the Cold War.

Bethany: Bethany is located along Cotner Blvd. and Holdrege St. It was originally laid out as a separate village by the Disciples of Christ, but was annexed by Lincoln in the late 1920s.

Downtown: Downtown has been labeled as Lincoln's business district, and has a mix of offices, bars, restaurants and retail establishments.

Hartley: This neighborhood is one of Lincoln's earliest suburbs and is mainly a residential neighborhood of historical houses that were built in 1890-1940.

Haymarket: Also one of Lincoln's oldest neighborhoods, and is a historic warehouse and industrial district. It has a variety of visual and performing arts and nightlife and has a weekly farmers' market from May to October.

Some of the other neighborhoods include:
Belmont, Clinton, College View, Havelock, Hawley, Highlands, Indian Village, Irvingdale, Near South, North Bottoms, University Place and West Lincoln.

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